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Lifting Spirits since 2003

Throughout a decade bartending on South Broadway,Denver, Dave Moore often had no place to send clients interested in purchasing the wine that accompanied their meal. With only corner stores in the neighborhood, Moore founded Divino Wine & Spirits in 2003.


Dave’s philosophy has stayed consistent since Divino’s inception. “Wine is for everyone. Wine is for every day”. Divino’s unpretentious attitude makes wine accessible, affordable and enjoyable. One of customers’ favorite aspects of the store is a 10 for $10 rack. It features hand-selected bottles for less than the cost of a casual lunch. Staff taste 200+ wines and liquors each week, and avoid mass-produced wines. Instead, Divino selects better and more affordable alternatives.


In addition, customers flock to the store for its aesthetic. Local artisans sought to design a sanctuary from the hustle of Broadway. Natural light floods the space. Handcrafted birch racks line the walls. Stylish sofas offer clients the opportunity to sit and relax. 


If you’re looking for outstanding customer service, selection and style, then Divino is your store.

Meet our Staff........


"Listen. All you got to do is ask for Schmitty. I got you all hooked up. Pretty choice...huh?

Rhea Comar


Davie Moore.

“Great Scott!

Once again today marks  a stunning breakthrough in the rapidly evolving world of viticulture”

Bob Ashby.

"How's your Mamma doing? You wanna know bout me. You just got to know three of my favorite things. Gold brickin', Skylarkin' and Wrastling. "



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