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If you have your CO ballot in hand; the wording sounds like Props 124, 125, 126 are a good thing for local businesses- THEY ARE NOT.

Vote NO on Props 124, 125 & 126.

Here’s Why (please share):

Proposition 124
: Concerning Liquor Licenses
Proposition 124 would immediately increase the number of chain liquor store licenses allowed from 3 per chain to 8 per chain, with that number rapidly increasing further until there is no limit, converting Colorado from an independent market with mostly local liquor stores to a chain store market with mostly out-of-state, corporate liquor stores.

Proposition 125
:  Sales of Alcohol Beverages
Proposition 125 would automatically expand all existing beer sale licenses to also allow the sale of wine and vinous liquor, more than doubling the number of outlets where such alcohol is sold. There would be no government review and no local or neighborhood input, despite these locations proximity to schools, churches and other alcohol outlets.

Proposition 126
:  Third Party Delivery of Alcohol Beverages
Proposition 126 would allow unlicensed companies and people to deliver alcohol. Gig workers acting as independent contractors for tech companies would be able to deliver alcohol without going through the review and training currently required for alcohol licensees to deliver alcohol.

Need more info:

#keepcoloradolocal #shoplocal

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