Mystical Corner

By Rainbows End Winery

South Africa,  $12

Mystical Corner from Rainbow's End.

Sounds like book number 3 in a young adult fantasy series.

But this little Mom and Pop operation tucked away in the hills above Banghoek Valley lives up to the name. There really are rainbows appearing frequently across the vineyards, and there is an air of enchantment when you look out across the jagged cliffs surrounded by blankets of mist. Its a bit of Lord of the Rings,  but with more grapes.


Their wines are as intense as the landscape- with density of flavors and lingering layers. Up at the winery during a gusty storm, I had the chance to make my way through their impressive line-up during a typical evening blackout. Grilled lamb, candles and red wine. Not so bad.
Though everything was showing exceptional, I kept coming back to the Mystical Corner.
Its not their most expensive offering, and its not Anton's prize champion, but there is something about this bottle that brings you in and captures you with its silky textures and balance.
I felt that this was the wine that represented the beauty, the drama and the seduction of the region.





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