Pfalz, Germany  $14

Hot town, summer in the city

Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty

Been down, isn’t it a pity

Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city


In many ways, it almost feels like this summer is a do-over for last year. Suddenly, there is hope. Concerts, parties, barbecues, and yes, fun is back in full swing. It actually feels like summer... Literally. It’s hot as hell right now. We went from rain and restrictions to almost back to normal (but on the surface of the sun). So, how is one to cool off during a relentless heatwave? Our newest WOTM is up for the challenge. Twist-off? Check. Fizzy and refreshing? Double-check. A whole liter? Yup. It’s just what you need for summer in the city.

When Annette Borell and Thomas Diehl were wed, they also joined each of their family’s historic wineries- forming what is the current Borell-Diehl Estate in Pfalz, Germany. Now with help from their children, they own 35 hectares of vineyards (over 80 acres)- and growing. They sustainably manage their land, with dry-farming, hand-harvesting, and zero pesticides.


Saint Laurent is an aromatic, compact, and dark-skinned varietal. Native to Austria, it is believed to be a relative of Pinot Noir and Zweigelt. A meaty and dense grape, it lends a vivid, coral pink hue to this rosé. It looks and smells like bright, blooming poppies. Vibrant and fresh, with mouth-watering acidity, it jumps right out of the glass. Slightly off-dry, but balanced nicely with some refreshing spritz. Ripe plums, raspberries, and hibiscus come to mind. Zippy, fizzy, lively, and uncomplicated. Bottom line: Dangerous.




Pairs effortlessly with just about any summer fare (or nothing at all). Think BBQ chicken pizza, caprese salad, crab cakes with dill aioli, and grilled spicy brats with all the fixins.

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