The Divino History of Rosé


May was the first month of business for Divino. No email went out but there was a sensational opening party in which a few Roses made an appearance.
Times were tough for Pinks. Only a handful were scattered through out the shelves of Divino.
Folks wanted to drink syrupy Australian Shiraz on 95 degree days.
The Pink were few but they were proud.
Planet Pink was but a glimmering speck in the sky.




The Straight up Pink Truth
Rose Facts

What it isn't:
It is not traditionally sweet.
Most Roses do not taste like white zinfandel.
Most Roses do not taste like "blush" in a jug or box.
It is not your grandmothers beverage.

What it is:
Essentially Roses are red wines that have been taken of their skins early.
Most every grape from Sauvignon Blanc to Cabernet releases clear juice when they are pressed.(there are a few exceptions like Alicante Bouschet)
It is the contact with the skins that gives wines color, aromas and tannin.
Roses are lighter in tannin making them versatile with food
Roses have a long history of respect in France and other European countries,
It seems to only be in the US a sense of misunderstanding and unwarranted contempt held for Roses.
Roses are 1 of the 3 colors in the world of wine and should be treated as an equal.





Do not fear the PINK.

Rosé rules supreme in this weather.

Rosé is the ultimate food wine.

Bring a Rosé to a BBQ and drink it with everything from salad to ribs.

Rosé is the wine of the  outdoors.

Let it flow on the patio, porch, balcony, fire escape or on the roof if you have to.

If none of these are accessible then sling it back while looking towards the window.





Join the Pink Posse!!

Don't be afraid of this inspiring color.
Free yourself of negative color association of your past and celebrate PINK and the wine we call Rosé.
This is the best red grape wine to drink in the spring in summer.
Pink is the champ of food pairing and the indisputable porch and patio sipper.
If you think about it there are many important things that are pink...
Floyd was PINK
the panther was PINK
who doesn't like a ride in a PINK caddy.
 the movies... you have the honorable Mr. PINK from Reservoir Dogs,
The PINK Ladies in Grease,
and didn't Molly Ringwald look fabulous in the her 80's cinematic landmark.
In the food world, there's salmon, lemonade and watermelon but
probably the most important of all are these yummy treats...









damn right kids.

time to be excited.

time to drink from all of those red grapes you love;

Cabernet, Syrah, Grenache, Malbec and more

but lighten it up some for coming of Summer.
It is our Mission here at Divino to Pink it up every spring.....



  • To offer pink abundance to the Rosé lover

  • To initiate the unacquainted into the cool, crisp world of Pink

  • To win over  the curious and hesitant

  • To educate the scornful and presumptuous


Operation Pink has been officially launched.

So come check out our Nuclear 10 under $10 Rosé rack

and our "MORE PINK" shelf at the front of the store.

Ask us questions, give us input.

Each Saturday we will include 1 old world and 1 new world rose in our Instore Tasting line up.

At the end of this month will be our annual Drink Pink Celebration at the Source.




It Began in the summer 2003 as a idea to gain respect and due recognition. Pink Power! Power to the Roses of the world and to those who drink them. Times were tough but we stuck it out. Folks turned their back on us, some smirked and others pointed and laughed. But we held our head high and glasses high. We had hope and a vision of a brighter future. We knew their reactions stemmed from a lack of rose education and a plague of preconceptions.  In 2006 the Pink Posse was formed and the idea became a movement. The mission: to abolish pink prejudice and to promote equality between wines of all color. Knowledge was our weapon and tasting events were our battlefield. As more people tasted and understood, more people saw the pink light. The rose revolution had begun. There was excitement stirring an attitudes began changing. Folks were happy to see pink wines and began including them in their everyday lives. Even the haters began taking a second look with an eyebrow raised. And then in 2007 things got serious with Operation Pink. No longer an underground movement, no longer a second thought. Rose was a formidable presence in the wine world and was ready to advance to the next level. The campaigning was relentless and the pink preaching never stopped. We laughed, we cried, we drank, and we drank some more. Now our time has finally come. The giant rose ship has landed and Planet Pink has been colonized. Come join us, dive in and celebrate. We have overcome. Rose washes over this land in harmony with it's red and white brothers and sisters.




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