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Staff Picks

Hemut Dolde 

  Silvaner Wurttemberg

& Riesling Wurttemberg



Helmut Dolde is completely self-taught, which when it comes to something as difficult and intricate as winemaking, seems to tell you a lot about how interesting and thoughtful his wines are going to taste. As a former chemistry and biology teacher he had a good start contemplating the detailed practices that are necessary to make the beautiful natural wines that he puts together. Dolde notes that the vines in the Swabian Alps have been producing wine for around a thousand years. So he tries to farm without the use of copper sulfate to leave the land the same, if not better than he found it. He balances a mix of cover crops and erosion protection to try and create a better environment for his vines for the next vintage and beyond. Both his Silvaner and Riesling come from the Wurttemberg region and have a similar geological makeup to that of Burgundy. Both regions have soils that are thousands of years old made up of both Limestone and calcareous Marne Blanche nuances. The soil content along with drastic temperature shifts from day to night leave his wines with simply sensational acidity.
The Silvaner has nuances of green apple, quince and a subtle hint of spearmint. The Riesling has a similar tart Granny Smith apple note along with pineapple and minerals.




Domaine Des Remparts

Cote D'Auxerre Bourgogne Rouge

-Burgundy, France

Take a trip to France for your Thanksgiving dinner this year with this luscious Cotes d'Auxerre. Located in the northern part of Bourgogne, Cotes d'Auxerre is known for producing bright and mineral Pinot Noir, easy drinking at fantastic values. Domaine des Remparts, a 19th generation independent vigneron, is known for making some of the best. Bold notes of cherry and raspberry make this Pinot a beautiful pairing with T-day turkey, while subtle whispers of mint, clove, and licorice make it a beguiling sipper before and after the main event. The limestone soil of Auxerre contributes a delicate minerality that underlines the whole experience. Consider this awesome value in Burgundy for your Thanksgiving this year. Available for only $18.




Chateau Puech Redon

     Pét Nat Pour de Vrai

Languedoc, France 

Pour de Vrai made by Puech Redon in the Languedoc region of France is everything you’d expect from a great Pet-Nat (a.k.a Pettilant Natural, a sparkling  wine made in a method that pre dates Champagne). It’s a lower alcohol, slightly off-dry rosé that explodes with creamy, but delicate bubbles. Open this one over your glass as Pet- Nat’s can be unpredictable and you don’t want to lose a drop of this cloudy pink juice. Redon estate owner and farmer, Cyril Cuche has been working his family’s property organically and biodynamically for years, but enlisted the help of winemaker Eric Texier to produce his wines with natural winemaking techniques. That means they use naturally occurring yeasts and minimal intervention in the cellar as well as no fining or filtering. Well-made wine you can feel good about drinking. Sweet!  Made from Cinsault and Syrah, Pour de Vrai tastes like tart grapefruit with a crisp undertone of minerality. This pairs perfectly with any apps especially charcuterie, but I’ve noticed that my Thanksgiving days are spent with more time cooking than actually eating. Don’t worry about a turkey pairing for this one, pop it open early, and you’ll be set to savor every moment you have with your chosen inner circle. Cheers.



Maison Anselmet

La Touche Vin Blanc

  -Valle d'Aosta, Italy


Anselmet La Touche is a Thanksgiving wine that every casual drinker to the oenophile will like. Once this hits your glass the aromatic phenols jump out at you with tree fruit flowers, tropical tones, and with a hint of citrus in the background. Just wait until it hits your palate! This wine explodes your senses. Your taste buds will come alive and thank you for another taste. Do not let them down, make sure they remain happy and reward them for doing their job with another sip. Then try to pair it with the amazing meal in front of you. Your taste buds will thank you again. After all, that is what this holiday is about- giving thanks.
Well, to say times are strange is an understatement. Life with a mask has been hard to adapt to, but I think everyone is starting to become accustomed to it. Even though we are not supposed to gather I still think we can all can find a way to celebrate and have gratitude about something in our lives. Celebrate that you are healthy, celebrate family, celebrate the feeling of being alive, celebrate this shift from monotony for a day, celebrate traveling around the sun again. Just celebrate! In this time of craziness, we need to remember we are emotional beings and that without a reason to feel good, life can become a very heavy load to carry. Make sure to take the time to contact all your loved ones and check in. Just the sound of a familiar voice can make the day even that much better. Thank you all for being part of the Divino family and so loyal to us. We all hope you have an amazingly Happy Thanksgiving. Cheers!


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Oka Kura

"Japanese Bermutto(Vermouth)



Each Thanksgiving, one of us is going to wake up at the crack of dawn.
That’s when it starts.
Pour yourself a little Bermutto, mix it with some seltzer and peel yourself some citrus.
We’re the early crew.
We’ve proofed the biscuits. We’ve brined the turkey. And now it’s showtime.
It’s delicious. We’re drinking this all day. We’re the professionals. We envisioned dozens of cocktails this could potentially be used in.
Oka Kura Sake Bermutto is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Vermouth is wine fortified with brandy. Bermutto is sake fortified with shochu. Like vermouth, Bermutto has other flavors infused, but these are Japanese such as Yuzu and other citrus and other botanicals.
I love to drink this at any time during the Thanksgiving day. Dilute it with seltzer and toss in some of your cranberry syrup for a delicious brunch aperitif.
You’ll taste a ton of different flavors with Oku Kura by itself. Look for lemon balm, honey, wildflower, eucalyptus, amongst other sake flavors.
Let’s say cousin Fred decides to show up, and thinks it’s appropriate to get close enough to measure your skull diameter. Add 1.5oz gin to 1.5oz Bermutto. Garnish with lemon OR olive. And please make note. After dinner, add Bermutto to aged brandy and top with orange and bitters. 
Let’s enjoy a fine meal.

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