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Red Slate Kabinett 2012




Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! I love Riesling, and not just the sweet kind. I really love all kinds! The bone dry kind that makes your mouth pucker, the racy acidity kind, the trockenbeerenauslese kind, I love all of them.

Red Slate depicts the soil in which the grapes are grown in. The red slate of the Rachtiger Deutschherrenberg vineyard gives the wine a nice crisp acidity with a refreshing spicy finish. Careful, this one goes down quick. My wife and I had a long day with the kids and needed some relief. Before we knew it we had forgotten about the day and couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful the wine was.


Solivo  Extra Dry Prosecco

Colle Val d'Elsa, Italy



Appellation: Veneto

Varietal: Glera


A nice sparkler for any occasion. Soft aromas of nuts, straw, pear, and crisp apple. The palate shows ripe pear, vanilla, almond and an explosion of bubbles. Perfect for Sunday morning mimosas, afternoon drinks on the porch, and always wonderful for toasts and celebrations.




2 oz. Dolin Blanc Vermouth  $18                             Ice cubes (optional)

2 oz. Col Solivo Extra Dry $11


My wife and I loved this beverage, enjoying it on one of these warm spring days. Perfect afternoon sipper for sitting on the patio and watching the clouds float by. Pour over ice for a frothy, refreshing spritzer. Tones of tangerine, slightly floral mid-palate with a smooth, caramel finish.

Dolin vermouths are great for any cocktail that requires vermouth of any kind. They are my go-to, whether it be rouge, blanc, or dry. The blanc shows a nice floral citrus nose with a palate of tangerine, elderberry, and a slight nutty tone.

Col Solivo is another favorite. A crisp floral nose that is followed by bright apple, pear, and almonds igniting the taste buds.

Frisk Prickly Riesling 2013

Victoria, Australia



Appellation: Victoria, Australia

Varietal: 100% Riesling


If you love New Age you'll love this. Same spritzy fun with a nice refreshing profile. Bubbling with sweet lime, fennel, and yes a slight petrol nose. Fun captured in a bottle. Getting the girls together, book club, dinner with the in-laws, what ever the occasion Frisk fits. 




Bloody Maria


2 oz. Cimarron Silver Tequila $16                 Dash of sea salt

4 oz. Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix $10             2 twists of cracked black pepper

½ oz. wasabi or horseradish                             Pinch celery seed

1 Real Dill Habanero Horsradish Pickle $12  Squirt of Siracha

2 Santa Barbara Bleu Cheese Olives $7      1tsp Real Dill Pickle brine

¼ oz. Dijon mustard                                           Lime wedge for garnish         


Are you ready for this? You better like it spicy! I use silver tequila for mixed drinks and aged tequila for sipping. The silver allows the true essence of the spirit to expose itself in the beverage. (If you know what I mean ;0) ). Real Dill Bloody Mary’s base is cucumber water, which converts to a lighter base for the spices and pairs well with the early morning palate. It awakens the taste buds. Your third-trimester pregnant wife who is ready to deliver can join you for a pickle. It would only take one of these to do the trick. They are aged with habanero pepper and horseradish, giving them a kick.

The Cimarron Silver Tequila is made from blue agave grown in the hillsides of Jalisco at an elevation of 4,620’. In multiple blinds it has scored above some of the major brands. A definite must have for blending.

If you haven’t had any of the Real Dill products YOU NEED TO CHECK THEM OUT NOW! This stuff will amaze you. My wife won’t stop eating the Habanero Horseradish Dills. I have to admit it’s hard for me not to grab one from time to time either. I can drink this stuff on its own, no need for the booze, but that’s the best part, right? In this case, though, the mix might be as good as the booze.


Abita Strawberry



With the weather being so generous, why not enjoy some refreshing beer? Abita Strawberry has been great for all these wonderful afternoons we are having. Nicely paired with Colorado Sunshine. The great thing about this beer is the fruit is soft and not overwhelming. It is a limited release, so come get some before they’re gone!




1oz Michter’s Rye $40                        1/2oz Carpano Antica Vermouth $32

3 dashes of Fee’s Orange Bitters $8            1 sugar cube

2 Luxardo Maraschino Cherries $18.49       Splash of Soda


I like to use rye in this cocktail, because I like the spiciness of it instead of using bourbon, which is a touch sweeter. It is the pre-prohibition style. Michter’s uses a unique “Heat Cycling” system; wherein, they cycle the barrels from warmer to cooler temperatures, allowing the whiskey to soak in and out of the barrel while absorbing caramelized sugars from the charred wood. Michter’s whiskies are one of the best buys I’ve found. Very hard to beat!

Carpano Antica Vermouth has to be the best vermouth out there. Always in stock at the Schmidt Tavern. Made from Piedmont’s muscatel and other wines from southern Italy as well as Italian herbs from the local mountains. Created by Benedetto Carpano in 1786 and still kickin’ it. It may be something to try on its own to get the full profile but has a vanilla raisin nose with dates, anise, clementine, and dried apricot palate.

Something else to try is real maraschino cherries, Luxardo, these things are addicting. Once you try them you’ll never go back to those bleached and colored bar types. Originally produced in 1905 in Zara Austria, soaking in Marasca cherry syrup (the same cherries cultivated for Luxardo Maraschino liqueur), these are a must have in anyone’s home bar.




1 1/2oz Cappelletti Vino Aperitivo $18     Blood Orange garish

1 1/2oz Carpano Antica Vermouth $32    1 1/2oz Col Solivo Extra Dry $14             


When you want it, Campari is not always available and sometimes you have to try something else. Think of Cappelletti when in need! You may just switch once you do. A little more refreshing, less bitter, and less herbaceous than Campari. That’s probably why I like it better. In this cocktail Carpano is bitter enough. Produced outside of Trento, Italy, and historically used in a spritz, Cappelletti is very affordable and can find a home in every household.


Classic Margarita


2oz Cimarron Silver Tequila $16    1oz Marie Brizard orange Curacao $23

2oz Fresh Lime Juice


Another great drink for all these sunny Colorado afternoons. The one thing I do preach about margaritas is to use fresh lime juice. I know it is more expensive, but well worth it and adds a nice fresh, coconut tone to the cocktail. As previously mentioned in the Bloody Maria post, I use silver tequilas in most mixed drinks, because I feel it lends itself to cocktails better than the aged tequilas. Aged tequilas are nice for sipping, a couple of ice cubes and a lime, done!


Italian Margarita


2oz Cimarron Silver Tequila $16                        2oz Lazzaroni Amaretto $27

1oz  Marie Brizard orange Curacao $23           4oz Fresh Lime Juice


Can you say yum yum?! I had to cut my wife off on this one. First, because I wanted some and second because I didn’t want to keep making them for her. What a refresher, though! Lazzaroni Amaretto has been in production since 1851 in Saronno, Italy. With a lower alcohol percentage than most amarettos, Lazzaroni is a true amaretto made from macaroons, embarking a wonderful dried tree fruit and almond palate. The amaretto adds a nice nutty tone to the cocktail. The sweetness of the amaretto lends itself nicely to the acidity of the cocktail. A great alternative for those of you who use agave nectar in your margaritas.




1 1/2oz Hayman's Old Tom Gin $27           1/2oz Fresh Liem Juice

1oz Marie Brizard orange Curacao $23     Lemon Twist garnish

3/4oz Cappelletti Vino Aperitivo $18    



What a fun cocktail! I have started to really like Old Tom Gin, even though gin was my drink of choice for much of my 20’s. Old Tom Gin tends to be lighter and sweeter than London Dry. It’s nice to not taste a bunch of juniper berries in your glass. With this cocktail Old Tom Gin allows for the beverage to show the light bitterness of the Cappelletti and brings out some citrus notes embedded within the phenols of the drink. Hayman’s Old Tom has been distilled from a family recipe since the 1870’s. Unlike most other Old Tom Gins, Hayman’s is not aged in oak, giving it a more rounded and aromatic profile. A crowd favorite that I think most of us have forgotten about. Might be time to mix a batch for the Friday Afternoon Club.


Plantation 20th Anniversary XO Rum

Barbados, Caribbean


The sun's finally coming out and that means sunny fun. What better to pair with fun in the sun than rum.


Plantation 20th Anniversary is one of my new favorites. Awesome tropical tones of toasted coconuts, pineapple, banana, and liquid awesomeness come cresting into your beaktorial senses. Down the hatch is another bodacious experience of caramelized vanilla, phat (yup with a ph) coconut, and tranquility. An all-out observation of sophistication and worldliness.



Chateau Frank Celebre

Sparkling Riesling

100% Riesling

Methode Champenoise

Finger Lakes, NY



Part of the history known as Dr. Konstantin Frank, Celebre shows off how well the area can make sparkling wines. At 12% alcohol the wines displays a touch of sweetness. Being 100% Riesling you get a touch of petrol on the nose, something that I love about Riesling. With a rich history of winemaking in the area couple with the amazing history of Dr. Konstantin Frank, this wine will having you coming back for glass after glass. 




Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol Plata

Chihuahua, Mexico

100% wild harvested agavecea (Dasylirion wheeleri "Desert Spoon")

Organic and Kosher

Champange yeast fermented



Not to be confused with tequila, sotol is distilled from wild agave grown in northern Mexico. Native to northern Mexico, Texas, and New Mexico, Dasylirion wheeleri takes 15 years to mature allowing it to pick up the terroir of the Chihuahuan desert. 


This sotol is vegetal and clean. Used in a margarita or just sipped this will be your new "tequila" without having to break the bank. With a history 800 years in the making, Sotol is quickly getting a name for itself. Come find out why.




Diplomatico Anejo Rum




Summer is rum time! Diplomatico is a good one for all of rums uses, sippin, mixin, shootin, or what ever the night might bring. I have been on a summer fun run and this just hits the spot. Even over ice tailgating for a concert. Nothing better to get the party started. Right!


I can't stop thinking of Pina Coladas now, great thanks! I know what I'm having tonight on the proch watching the sun go down (wishing I was on a beach though). 


Distilled in a Column still and aged 4 years in barrel, Diplomatico shows wonderful expressions of dark cocao, toffee, caramel, and a hint of oak. 





Rochi Paris Vernaccia Di Serrapetrona


Appellation: Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, Marche

Varietal: 100% Vernaccia Nera

Vinification: Some of the grapes are partially dried on straw mats, and then added back to the wine later for a second fermentation. The wine then undergoes a third fermentation for the bubbles.


A red sweet sparkly wine that has a whole bunch of Italian earth goin on that gives way to a nice floral after palate.  Vernaccia is an ancient varietal that is starting to make a comeback and proving why it withstood the test of time.



Odd 13 Brewing, Professor Hops



India Style Saison

Summit, Simcoe, and Centennial Hops


Red in color, it packs a pretty good punch of flavor. The hops give it a great citrus nose and palate combined with complex Brett funk. An awesome beer for this summer! Belgian yeast and Brettanomyces are used to give it a wonderful aging quality. Grab two, one for today and one to revisit in the future. 



Clement VSOP Rhum Agricole

Martinique, Caribbean


So you say you’d like a little more attitude with your rum. Well spell it with an rh, that’ll give it some attitude.


Clement VSOP is aged a minimum of four years in virgin Limousin barriques and re-charded bourbon barrels giving it a roasted cocoa and vanilla bean character. Out of the glass warm tones of caramel, exotic cooking spices, roasted nuts, and dried orange peel waft into your sniffer. Consumed through the kisser with warm crème brulee, coconut custard, slight black pepper, and finished with a touch of wet river rock.


This rhum screams sophistication, one for an ice cube and an orange peel.






Flare Sparkling Moscato


Appellation: Valencia, Spain

Varietal: 100% Muscat of Alexandria

Vinification: Charmat Method, tank fermented then chilled to arrest fermentation. 


Due to the Mediterranean Climate and the diurnal temperature swings during the growing season the wine show's a nice fleshy style. Floral, lychee nut, and pear comes flowing out fo the glass and smacks you right in the face. Once on your palate the fruits jump out at you with tangerine, peach, and lychee nut within a crisp bubbly sweetness. 


Fun for that Moscato D'Asti alternative and great for an afternoon picnic.




Gianni Gagliardo Fallegro 2014



Appelation: Piemonte, Italy

Varietal: 100% Favorita

Vinification: 2 months stainless steel

Alcohol content: 12%


A fun frizzante or slightly fizzy wine with a touch of sweetness. Another great wine for hanging out on the porch enjoying Colorado’s amazing spring. Showing notes of pear and green apple on the nose followed by honey, apricot, and jasmine on the palate. Take one home and watch a beautiful sunset with someone you love.



Gilbert Cellars Left Bank 2012



Appellation: Columbia Valley, Washington

Varietals: 49% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Cabernet Franc, 14% Malbec, 14% Merlot, 7% Petit Verdot

Vinification: 80% French Oak and 20% American Oak, harvested between Oct 3rd and Oct 29th and destemmed but not crushed leaving approximately 75% whole berry for fermentation. The fruit saw maceration for 48-72 hours at 45-52⁰F, finishing both primary and malolactic fermentation in barrel.

Alcohol content: 14.8%


This wine has those velvety tannins that you see up in Washington, something you can’t see anywhere else. A nose of cocoa, black fruit, tobacco, and a hint of mint. The palate shows blackberry, wet stone, currant, with some cedar hints in the finish. A left bank Boudreaux blend that shows how well the upper northwest can produce wine. Next time you need a beautiful and smooth red Gilbert Cellars Left Bank 2012 should be your choice. 




Velenosi Visciole

Piceno, Italy



Sour cherry wine or "visciolata" dates back to the middle ages. Considered to be a wine to share with friends and relatives at the dinner table as a digestif, Visciole is a fusion of wine and syrup.  In the first weeks of July the cherries are harvested and then macerated to a combination of whole and crushed berries. Sugar is added to trigger fermentation resulting in rich syrup. Decanted for a few days and then filtered, this rich syrup is added to base of sour cherry wine to merry the two allowing it to have 14% alcohol with some residual sugar. 

I shared it with my wife while enjoying a piece cherry pie a la mode. It was so amazing I basically dumped in over the rest of my dessert to make a soup like substance that I couldn’t consume fast enough.




Shrub & Co.Blood Orange

Orange infused with Cardamom

Berkeley, CA



It's all the rage. Shrubs are hitting the market with full force so we might as well see what they are all about. Usually a vinegared syrup, shrubs can come in all types. Originally a medicinal cordial dating back in English history to the 15th century containing a mix of fruit and alcohol close to a punch, the main difference being that a punch is served immediately after mixing. While Shrubs were usually had a higher sugar and flavor content.

The updated "American" version was originally produced in England in the 17th century with the addition of vinegar instead of citrus juice to help in the preservation of fruit for the off season. This newly practice made its way over to the American Colonies and has now imbedded itself in American cocktail history. Originally used by straining out the fruit and reducing the liquid to a syrup and poured over soda for a version of a soft drink.

The blood orange and cardamom was great with Willet Rye and a large ice cube. Give it a try!  




Pyror Rancio

34% Maccabeo, 33% Grenache Blanc,

33% Grenache Gris

Passa, France



What a cool wine. Dry rancio wines like this predate the modern conception of wine. The wine comes to full fermentation then is aged for several years in partially filled oak barrels under the family home. There the wine is allowed to become oxidative and inherit earthy, smoky, and mushroom characteristics. 

Dating all the way back to 1446, this vineyard has a rich history of wine making. In 1878 the vineyard was destroyed by phylloxera resulting in having to replant over 100 hectares. Leaving 140 hectares to try and rehabilitate. Using vine diversity allowing for the fruit to display a wonderful quality and showing its ability to produce wonderful wines that show true terroir.




Jospeh Cattin Grand Cru Gewurztraminer

Alsace, France

100% Gewürztraminer



Grown in the Grand Cru Marl and Limestone vineyards in Hatschbourg Alsace, upper Rhine, the vines are planted facing South East at the base of the Vosges Mountains. Alsace is the leader in Biodynamics and has been trying to find its political identity for over 500 years. France and Germany have both possessed the area and even for a while Alsace had its own identity. Currently in France, Alsace is very Germanic in culture. The villages have the typical Germanic mountain town look to them with the wood framing and flat tile roofs. It is my favorite wine region and have a very distinct style to their wine.



Willett Straight 2yr Rye

Bardstown, Kentucky

100% Rye



Color: Gold

Nose: Cereal, vanilla, orange, and slightly floral

Palate: Cinnamon, stone fruit, and finishes with mint and hebs


I love Rye Whiskey and this is one of my all-time favorite whiskies let alone ryes. Willett Rye 2yr is a great balance between spice and fruit, perfect winter warmer and a whiskey that makes every cocktail impeccable. The Willett family in America dates all the way back to the late 1600's. John David Willett began the long, rich, and amazing tradition of the Willett family distilling. After the Civil War John David was the Master Distiller at Moore, Willett and Frenke Distillery. With his eyesight fading he sold his interests to his two brother-in-laws, Moore and Frenke. Ignoring his handicap he then served as Master Distiller at 5 other distilleries in the Bardstown and Louisville areas. Cool story, check it out.



Parrone Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

DeRose Winery

Colchagua Valley, Chile

85% Cabernet Sauvignon 15% Carmenere



Color: Dark scarlet fading into a light amber rim

Nose: Ripe cherry, leather, smoked meat

Palate: Dark cherry, cured meat, spice, dark berries


Chile and South America is one of the best areas for great wine at great prices. South America in general is great because supply and demand hasn't hit there yet. Grown at 1,150 feet above sea level, the vineyards pick up influences from the rolling hills of sand and decomposing granite from the mountains. A great family story if you have time. 



Coopers Pale Ale

Adelaide, Australia



G'Day Mates! If you haven't tried this beer you really need to the next time you come in. If you have tried Cooper's Pale then you need to try it again and remember why you really liked it. Bottle conditioned, so gently role it from side to side a couple of times. Completely mouthwatering, refreshing, and smooth. I crushed 3 before I realized what was happening. Summer is back in full force and Cooper's Pale Ale is a perfect pair for that hot summer afternoon. 




Gran Classico Bitter

Turin Bitter

Bern, Switzerland



This s*** is amazing! I want to bath in it, make love to it, and then cuddle with it. It's an original Turin Bitter recipe dating back to the 1860's. 25 different herbs including wormwood, gentian, orange peel, rhubarb, and hyssop. No color added, the golden-amber color is from the maceration. A lot of orange peel, some rhubarb, followed by a touch of vanilla, then kissed with some sweetness. You name it Negroni, Sparkling Wine Spritzer, Seltzer, or on ice. Try some with cola or a light beer! You won't buy another bitter after this. Trust me!

















Primosic Malvasia 2013

100% Malvasia Istriana

Friuli Venezia Giulia


Straw to light gold in color, Primosic Malvasia displays aromas of apple, apricot, slight tropicalilty (pineapple) and light herbaceousness. These characteristics are confirmed on the palate with addtional notes of grilled fruits, citrus and acacia. 


Enjoy this soft and pleasent white with fricco, vegetable pasta and seafood.




Cornalin 2012

100% Cornalin

Valle d’Aosta, Italy



There are only a handful of hectares of the ruby / garnet colored Cornalin planted in Valle d’Aosta. The bouquet of Grosjean’s 2012 offering shows plums, spice, smoked polenta, and hints of cedar. Sour cherry, dried cherries, fennel and pepper are all present on the palate.


Medium acidity and a light, lingering tannic structure make this a perfect companion to fontina, mushrooms, or game dishes.





Canelli, Italy



Beets and carrot give this all natural, slightly sweeter alternative to Campari its cherry and beet juice red color. Heady aromas of cloves, mint, anise, cardamom, gentian, and orange peel stand out in the beguiling bouquet.  A slightly sweet beginning yields quickly to a vanilla tinged, long and pleasantly bitter finish.


Use Contratto Bitter in a Negroni, Americano, Boulevardier, or with soda. Happy aperitivo hour!



Gaia 14-18h

100% Agiorgitiko

Peloponnese , Greece



14-18h refers to the hours of skin contact this Greek rosé sees. Aromas of sour cherry immediately greet the nose with more subtle notes of citrus, thyme, watermelon rind and a hint of smoke in the background. Cherry again to the fore on the palate, but a savory, almost briny character provides intriguing depth.


Despite being one of the darker rosés in the store, it has surprisingly brisk acidity and can be enjoyed with skordalia, feta heavy dishes, and Asian cuisine.



TerrAnima 2011

100% Nero di Troia

Puglia, Italy



A dark ruby to purple Puglian red that presents aromas of blackberry, pepper, black currant, oregano and violet. On the palate berries and spice are the dominant forces with lingering hints of cocoa, fennel and earth.


Robust yet balanced with good acidity and soft tannins, pair this delightful wine with mushrooms, gorgonzola or a bistecca alla Fiorentina.



Domaine Bernard Defaix

Chablis 1er Cru 2013

Cote De Lechet

Burgundy, France


100% Chardonnay


Flinty, stony, steely, minerality - Chablis' limestone promise. Domaine Defaix's dry "rock juice" delivers and then some. Additional notes of underripe fruits (pineapple and apple), tahini and a light herbaceousness round out the profile.  


This is chardonnay that people who claim to hate chardonnay will love. It is the opposite of the typical oaky, buttery California offerings. Pair with sushi, guacamole (no, really! but use lemon instead of lime), and gougeres.




Il Censo

Praruar 2012

Sicily, Italy

100% Catarratto



An all natural orange wine for only $32? Believe it! Light amber with orange tints, Il Censo Praruar is redolent of almonds, honey comb, balsamic grilled peaches and cumin. These captivating aromas are echoed on the palate with dried apricot yielding to a slightly saline, savory and mouth watering dry finish. A truly complex wine. Get it!


Drink slightly warmer than whites and enjoy with some nice stinky Italian cheese, anchovies, or salty Sicilian pasta dishese like tubetti with cauliflower and saffron.








Right boasts just 8 botanicals, making it rather atypical for an international style gin. Citron, lemon, and coriander/cilantro are prominent on the bouquet with a nice floral and ginger note. A pleasing slight sweetness (though certainly less sweet than an old tom gin) balances wonderfully with the initial sharp black pepper flavor. Though medium bodied, the citrus and light juniper finish is dry and crisp. 


Try in any gin based cocktail, especially a dry martini.






Il Moscato

Friuli, Italy

$62 / 750ml, $43 / 375ml


Il Moscato di Nonino is an exceptionally elegant and aromatic grappa that greets the nose with rose, apricot, vanilla and acacia. Additional notes of dried stone fruits, nuts, candied citrus and a light herbaceousness round out the palate. A dazzling spirit indeed. 


Though there are a number of grappa based coctails that would shine with Il Moscato as the star, I can't bring myself to dillute it! Sip this fine and smooth spirit after dinner or with a cream based dessert. 




Ronco Delle Betulle

Narciso Rosazzo 2007

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Refosco

Friuli, Italy



Narciso is a garnet and purple hued old Friulian red that presents aromas of pomegranate syrup, mulberry, smoke cured beef, steak tartare, and balsamic. Some of these savory notes are repeated on the palate with the addition of stewed plum, dried currant, ancho chile, dark chocolate covered cherries, licorice and a pleasing slightly bitter finish reminiscent of roasted radicchio. 


Silky and smooth from age, pair with beef, roasted vegetables or hearty risotto.





Pinot Grigio 2010



Movia's straw-yellow 2010 oak fermented and aged Pinot Grigio is a real stunner. Its pleasing bouquet is redolent of salted almonds, caramelized persimmon, stewed apples and lemon curd. Complex flavors of tangerine, grilled nectarine, honey and lemon thyme are followed by a slightly briny, mineral and butterscotch tinged finish. 


Crisp acidity tempers the oak influence making it a perfect partner for poultry, squash, and tapas.





Colline Novaresi 2012

Piemonte, Italy


100% Croatina


Monsecco’s Colline Novaresi 2012 is violet to ruby in color, a perfect reflection of the Croatina varietal’s rich, dark skins. Fruity aromas of berry compote, plum, and Maraschino cherry dominate the nose with lighter hints of violet, tar and leather. The fruit notes continue on the palate with the addition of rose hips, smoke, baking chocolate, and a slight chinato-amaro like finish.


Medium bodied with nice, grippy tannins, pair with fall risotto, mushrooms, or northern Italian cheeses.




reZet Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2011

Tuscany, Italy


100% Vernaccia di San Gimignano


A straw yellow Tuscan white, Mormoraia’s reZet Vernaccia has an enticing bouquet of apple, quince, grass and the suggestion of caramel corn. Its persistent and complex flavors include pear, citron peel, and a light vanilla and peppery note.


Barrel fermentation gives this normally quite light and zippy grape a more robust mouthfeel, yet it retains a lovely saline touched fresh acidity. Pair with seafood, salads, or burata.





Suri’ Di Mu’ Barbera D’Alba 2006

Piemonte, Italy


100% Barbera


This 9 year old barbera is brick red with orange tinting. Berry preserves, sundried tomato and a gamy touch of tar and menthol greet your nose. These notes also hit your tongue with the addition of smoky pomegranate, Amarena cherry, clove and a light rusty earthiness (think autumn leaves here).


Full bodied and smooth, this pleasing wine matches perfectly with lamb or mushroom dishes.




Enrico Serafino

Gavi di Gavi 2013

Piemonte, Italy


100% Cortese


Pale yellow to straw in color, Enrico Serafino's aromatic Gavi smells of acacia, grass, citrus zest and gravel. As the wine opens up, the palate evolves from crisp and dry pineapple  to a light chalky herbaceousness.


Zippy acidity and a mineral backbone pair well with fish dishes, pesto, and salty cheeses.



Biercee Peket dè Houyeu



Genever predates gin by a couple hundred years, so get medieval and drink some! Peket presents a lovely bouquet of barley, hops, christmas spices, carmelized orange and the faintest hint of juniper. Smooth with a creamy mouthfeel, the flavor profile is rounded out by a malty, light rye spiciness, hazelnut, and again faint juniper notes.


Drink slightly chilled or in a martini. Peket is also versatile as a replacement in many gin or whiskey based drinks.    

















Brigaldara Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico 2009 

Veneto, Italy



Appellation: Valpolicella

Varietals: 50% Corvinone, 20% Corvina, 20% Rondinella, 10% altre

Harvest: Hand, whole cluster

Vinification: Grapes are dried to raisin in crates for 120 days. Basket pressed, cold soaked on the skins.

Finish: One year in barrique, two years large barrel.




     The Brigaldara Amarone is rich ruby and garnet in color.

 Dark red fruit aromatics with layers of cocoa and spice.  

The bouquet is echoed on the palate with cherries, chocolate and coffee.

 Silky smooth, this rich red lingers on the tongue with a long tapering finish.

 Drink now through 2030, this wine will benefit from age.



Kenneth Volk Mourvedre  2011

Santa Maria, California



Appellation: Lime Kiln Valley

Varietal: Mourvedre

Appearance: Cherry red with reflective highlights

Bouquet: Pitted red fruits, baking spices, herbs

Palate: Smooth and plush, smoky with nice acidity

Finish: Dry, with white pepper and wet stone


90 year old vines lend depth and finesse to this varietally correct expression of Mourvedre.  

Kenneth Volk takes this lesser known grape , and treats us to its full potential.

Restrained and elegant, he captures the nuance of smoky red fruits and spice without overwhelming us with tannin.



Isastegi Sidra Natural

Basque, Spain



Contents: Apples

Style: Dry Cider

From: Tolosa, Spain


Bone-dry and rustic, this cider is a feast for the senses. Cloudy and unfiltered, it has a golden yellow hue. Rustic barnyard bouquet of sour apples and cheese rind. Tart and focused on the palate, with flavors of baked apple, vinegar and  pear. This would definetly fall into the "sour" category as there is quite a bit of perceivable brettanomyces. This cider brings the funk!




Max Ferd. Richter Mulheimer Sonnenlay Riesling 2013



Appellation: Mosel, Germany

Varietal: Riesling

Harvest: Hand 

Vinification: Six hours maceration, light pressing. Fermentation carried out in old oak "Fuders". Light chapitalization.


Lively and crisp. This is quintessential Riesling! Pale straw in color. Bright tree fruits and petrol on the nose.  Pear and apple follow through to the palate with a zippy sweet tart zing. Lively and energetic, the residual sugars are balance with a nice dose of acidity. This is the perfect aperitif, or pairs nicely with cheese and Easter! This would go quite nicely with your ham, lamb or turkey come April 5th



Tobermory 10 year Scotch

Isle of Mull, Scotland



Appearance; Golden yellow

Bouquet; Salted woods, Maritime tones, Caraway

Palate; Dry and Salty mellows into Cinnamon Baked Apple, Buttery smooth finish


Distilled on the Isle of Mull, Tobermory reflects its ocean influence. Salty and Briny, this single malt will warm you from the inside. Perfect for rainy weather.


La Togata Brunello Di Montalcino 2009

Tuscany, Italy

100% Sangiovese



Appearance; Dusty cherry, tawny red

Bouquet; Smoky tomato, underbrush & baking spices

Palate; Smooth, savory tomato & raspberry flavors. Round mid-palate is followed by velvety oak and cedar tones. Balanced troughout, this wine has a long tapering finish with pleasant acidity.

Ageing;  Drink now through 2025, this will only get better. This is one of those rare wines to watch evolve over the next decade. 



Sapere Aude

Sparkling Rose




Color: Peachy keen

Bouquet: Dusty, spicy, berries

Palate: Refreshing, with red fruits and baking spice

Finish: Cool tapering acidity

Plus it delivers with a cool buzz

Enjoy with barbecue or brunch..please





Saveur d'autrefois





This legendary apertif is relatively unknown to Americans. Deliciously golden in color, Suze offers aromas of honey, herbs and cola. Zesty and bright on the palate, the gentle bitterness balances quite nicely. Enjoy on the rocks, with soda and lemon slice. 





Corvina 2013

Veneto, Italy



It's time to revisit Divino's best selling red. Come see what all the fuss is about. 


Color; Dark purple plum with reflective highlights.

Bouquet; Currant, dark fruits & light spice.

Palate; Plush sweet fruits, plum, balsamic & lavender with a long, smooth finish. 









If you are like me, you like to eat.  I will eat 4, maybe 5 times a day if i can. Sometimes i overeat..big surprise.. given all the delicious cuisine here in Denver. The problem is, i am sometimes quite full. Insert Cynar Amaro here. It is quite the digestif. Known to settle the belly, we should look to our Italian friends for inspiration. Cynar is dark tawny brown in color. Arromatic with cherry cola, citrus, mint and herbs. Flavorful with cocoa, cola, and lemon pith, this digestif has a long, tapering bitter finish. Forget tumms and prilosec..get on board with Cynar. Circa 1952, the European digestif. Have me as a nightcap. Serve neat in a snifter, or mix with club soda and a orange slice. Digest, eat, repeat...




Joan D'Anguera

Altaroses Red 2013

Montsant, Spain



The Look:

Light ruby red with tawny highlights


Cranberries, tart cherries and licorice

The taste:

Brambly red fruits, candies & spice

medium bodied with nice acidity. 

The perfect summer red





Alsace Blanc 2013

Alsace, France



Varietals: 60% Sylvaner, 20% Muscat & 20% Auxerrois

Appearance: Pale gold

Bouquet: Pear, flowers and marzipan

Palate: Tropical highlights, pear, soft candies and light petrols. The finish is soft and plush.

This was light and crisp and can be served quite cold.


We had this with savory quiche and honey cured ham. Kuentz-Bas would pair nicely with spicy thai or curry as well. 





Laphroaig 10 year

Scotch Whiskey

Islay, Scotland



Color; Pale gold, amber

Bouquet; Smoky balsam, golden apple, pear, brine, medicinal. Evokes the sea. It smells like you doused a campfire with ocean water.

Palate; Soft, oily smokes. Sea salt, toffee, dried apricot and lozenge. This is very complex, yet very well made. Let Laphroaig warm you from the inside!



Cascina Fontana 

Dolcetto D' Alba 2013

Piedmont, Italy



Color; Ruddy Claret

Bouquet; Cherry, masa, savory olive. The bouquet is reminiscent of tamale and pizza.

Palate; Smooth pitted fruits, mouthwatering acidity and a long, soft finish.


This went quite well with our Thanksgiving meal. Easy drinking  yet memorable. The plummy, cherry fruits were a nice match with both turkey and ham. 





Red Blend

Maipo Valley, Chile



A deep, dark red blend from Maipo Valley, Chile.

The bouquet is dominated by rich red fruits. Plum, berries and cedar dominate. The palate is rich and smooth, with layers of fruit and spice. Anka carries through with a silky, soft finish. Full bodied but refined, this is built for winter drinking. This pairs nicely with steak, standing rib roast, stews and pasta. 

Also quite nice on it's own. 



4 Noses Brewing Company

.44 Magnum Imperial I.P.A

Broomfield, Colorado

9.99 per 4 pack


Resinous with piney, citrus tones.

Heady florals of grapefruit and juniper, balanced by a creamy malt backbone. For the hop lover, this has a long, lightly bitter finish. 

Clocking in at a hefty 8.7%, this Imperial I.P.A definetly gets the job done. Reminiscent of a cult beer, the "Heady Topper"





Cremant de Loire

Brut Rose

Loire, France



Varietal: 90% Cabernet Franc 10% Chenin

Color: Pale, peachy, pink

Bouquet: Peaches, seashell, candies & pepper

Palate: Lively stone fruits, white pepper, sea air.    

Zippy effervescence with tiny bubbles.

Finish: Dry, with minerals and dried peach tones.

This is a high quality sparkling wine at a very approachable price.  It has been cellared for 12 months, further enhancing its quality. Get on board with this stunner now, before it is discovered.



Chateau Yvonne

Saumur Champigny 2012

Loire Valley, France



This 100% Cabernet Franc is a stunning example of the varietal.

Underipe raspberry, pepper, smoke and nuts dominate the nose.

Dark rounded fruits with peppery, cedar highlights follow on the palate. 

This wine is still a bit tight, with floral dryness dominating the finish. 

Let this wine breath for a bit upon opening or decant.

Drink now through 2020.





Telluride Brewing 

"Fishwater" double I.P.A.

Telluride, Colorado

$9.79 per 4 pack


The liquid nectar; 

Deep amber gold

Soft malty hops

Smoothly woven palate of creamy citrus,

pine and baking spices.

This double I.P.A. weighs in at 8.5% alcohol but drinks easy. They do pack a whallop however. This is one of Colorado's best I.P.A's from this relative newcomer to the front range scene! 




Rioja Blanco 2014

Rioja, Spain

100% Viura



Beautifully light pale straw in appearance. 

The bouquet is layers of minerals, lemon curd and seashell.

Those seashell aromatics are echoed on the palate, along with pear and citrus fruits. The finish is savory, with a long soft taper. 

Versatile with food or on its own. Come see why white wine can still be the star of Rioja.









Jason Jackson

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