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Maison L'Envoyé

"Le Saint Pale" Rosé 2017

Beaujolais, France $13

Can you feel it? Spring has indeed sprung and summer is following at a lightening-pace. This season means that we are graced with the renewed strength of the sun, hinting and teasing at what is to come. Peppered with snow showers and the familiar grey skies of winter, sure, but languid picnics are so close you can almost taste it. Ordinarily we take it for granted- grateful for clear skies and a hint of warmth, but otherwise bemused and too incredulous about the weather forecast to host a barbeque, request the patio for dinner, or even put the jackets in the closet. Each year though, seemingly overnight, the earth comes alive and we all come out of hibernation. The trees, the flowers, the birds- everything is verdant and abuzz.


Speaking of picnics and barbeques, they call for something that is refreshing, versatile, affordable, and interesting- yet uncomplicated. May we present to you the newest beacon of warm weather: Maison L'Envoyé Rosé. Gamay grapes are selected from some of the best Crus of Beaujolais: Morgon, Fleurie, Moulin-A-Vent and Brouilly. Extended skin contact, followed by gentle pressing and stainless steel fermentation leads to a coral-tinged, peachy dream. On the nose are melon rind and lemon balm, while the palate remains soft (yet peppy) with cara cara orange, rhubarb and a hint of meringue. Dry, rounded and sprightly all at once- and a twist off to boot. Pair with shrimp over creamy grits, spicy bbq chicken, charcuterie, a warm night.

Hopefully we can keep this baby in stock.


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